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Who Is This Magazine For?

It’s for you! Everyone has a mind, and the more we learn about mental health, the more we realize it is relevant to everyone, whether we suffer from an acute mental condition, work in the mental health industry, or just want to live a happier, more fulfilling life – You’ll find what you need in this magazine!

Real People, Real Stories.

Personal accounts from real people who are growing every day in the area of mental health. Learn through their experiences and expand your perspective. Follow these inspiring stories on the journey to new levels of mental health.

Cutting Edge Research and Technology

Learn about the most effective approaches to mental health from leading practitioners and medical experts. Be informed about the latest techniques, products, and services relevant to mental health recovery and overall well-being.

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What Our Readers Say

“I’m really impressed with how much information is packed into this magazine…It doesn’t just focus on mental disorders like depression and bipolar…It’s full of awesome articles on living well… yoga, meditation, and all sorts of other activities!”

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Our Philosophy

Better Mental Health Magazine is here to provide useful, real-life, and practical information to everyday people in a way that is easy to read ,understand, and put into practice!

Our articles are written in plain english – no technical or medical jargon – so everyone can get exactly what they need from our articles.

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  • I personally purchased the first issue, your magazine is wonderful and provides useful information that would benefit our clients

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    Emma R.

  • This is great, it looks great, feels great, and the content is wonderful.

    better mental health testimonial

    Simon T.

  • An incredibly professional and personal and responsible approach to mental health awareness

    better mental health magazine review

    Barry H.

  • This is exactly what we need in the Mental Health world. Thank you.’

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    Samantha W.

  • I received my copy and then ordered a subscription for work; it will be great for our clients

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    Ruth M.

  • Congratulations on creating something that will do great things and benefit so many people!

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    Peter D.

What’s In Better Mental Health Magazine For You??

Whether you are looking for ways you can expand your peace of mind and overall sense of wellbeing through yoga, meditation, and other techniques, or you need more information on acute mental disorders and the most effective treatments, you’ve come to the right place! You’ll find what you need in Better Mental Health Magazine!

The Best of Both Worlds!

We incorporate a unique blend of personal and professional information to cover a wide range of mental health topics, from mental disorders, to proper nutrition, to physical well being, and the practice of mindfulness.

There is no one single answer to mental health, so we strive to bring you all the pieces of the puzzle you could possibly need.

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A print magazine is the perfect way to start a conversion about mental health with your friends, family, colleagues, and clients. So we provide you with FREE SHIPPING, anywhere in the world!

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Better Mental Health Magazine is available on all of your favorite devices for all of our tech-savvy and traveling readers. You can get the magazine on just about any device out there, so you can read and share wherever you are!

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Read the latest breaking news, current events and trending information about mental health!

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