better mental health magazine is the only independent magazine for people who care about understanding, managing and improving lives through better mental health and wellbeing.

This is not just about mental health conditions. It’s about our mental wellness and resilience, or that of a family member, friend or colleague. It’s about being prepared for and managing stress or difficult situations or even traumas.

Improving mental health and wellbeing is about being mindful of ourselves and others, so that we are better equipped to respond positively during unexpected or difficult events.

It’s about being young or being old or the journeys in-between. It’s about being human. It’s about living life at the best level of mental wellness we can achieve for as long as possible.

Importantly, It’s about raising awareness and understanding. About reducing the stigma and discrimination. Providing support for family, friends and colleagues. Being allowed to maintain and grow mental wellbeing in our daily lives. Being normal and treated as such.

Better Mental Health is about you and me and everyone we know. better mental health magazine delivers that message.


Take a look at the bmh minimag for a sample of content and style, and what you can expect from our first issue of our better mental health magazine.

One of the people - Multiple Images

of these people... 1 has mental health issues 1 is a family member 1 is a partner 1 is an employer 1 is a health worker 5 of them read... better mental health magazine

We've created a video

We've created video to explain why better mental health magazine is an important platform mental health and well-being awareness.
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bmh magazine covers a range of health and social topics about mental wellness. It does this using non-clinical, supportive, and easy to read articles with significant reader contribution.


While technically a health and lifestyle magazine, bmh is unlike other magazines available today. It provides relevant and responsible approaches to maintaining and improving mental wellbeing.


Articles in bmh magazine are written by bmh staff, health professionals, journalists and anyone with direct or indirect mental health experiences, often combined to make a richer article.


bmh magazine is new – very new. We're finalising the first issue of bmh magazine right now, for a launch in October 2014. Follow us on Facebook or Twitter for progress updates.