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A great mix of mental wellness content

A great mix of mental wellness content

In each issue, we include a broad mix of topics, all of which are related to mental wellness, both mental health and mental wellbeing. Mental wellness is much more than disorders or conditions. It can be an unexpected trauma or even workplace stress, or the stress of not having a job. Sometimes …

The first BMH Mag issue is on its way!

The first BMH Mag issue is on its way!

I'm excited. We're in the very final stages of planning our electronic magazine and investigating a print option for the first issue. When? This November. That's six weeks. It's been a long time coming Anyone who knows me, and the wonderful people who have shown their support, know that …

A look inside Issue 01

A look inside Issue 01

The first issue of Better Mental Health Magazine is nearly ready for sale. The magazine has been laid out and is with our design and electronic newsstand partner PocketMags being built as we speak. The content covers a range of mental health topics plus the personal experiences of real people …

What we put in and what we leave out

What we put in and what we leave out

Our aim at Better Mental Health Magazine is to maintain the integrity, honesty, and responsibility of taking about mental health and wellbeing. Take a look at the type of content we like to include and the things we think are best left out.

the Better Mental Health Magazine video

the Better Mental Health Magazine video

We've posted a very simple video explaining why we believe Better Mental Health Magazine is so important. The stigma associated with mental health is still far too common and the benefits of mental wellbeing is still a strange concept to many people. Better Mental Health Magazine is a newsstand …

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Better Mental Health In Print

With a flick of the wrist and a trick of the tail, Better Mental Health Magazine is going to print! I posted previously that we had made the difficult decision to launch …

“Better Mental Health Magazine is helping make it okay to talk about mental health”

Real Life Real People

Sharing personal experiences with mental health and wellbeing helps improve the perception of mental health. Sharing helps to improve our understanding. Sharing helps to reduce the stigma. The following posts are the real personal experiences shared by real people like us. Contact us if you’d like to share your experience.

  • Feeling so very alone

    Feeling so very alone

    I feel so guilty about my mental health. On the surface everything is perfect. I have a good job an earn good money, I …

  • Changing my medication

    Changing my medication

    I'm really stressed right now. I've been on medication for six years for my schizophrenia and my psychiatrist has …

  • Passing on mental illness

    Passing on mental illness

    I worry about my daughter and that she'll also have depression and anxiety because I have them. My mum died (in a …

  • I Am Living with BPD

    I Am Living with BPD

    This really sucks. I dislike myself. It's a really scary thing to say that you have BPD. Borderline Personality …

Mental Health And Wellbeing

The following posts are short posts, comments, opinions, updates and links about mental health and wellbeing. Some are written by us, some are things that we’ve found and others have been sent to us. Get in touch if you’d like to share something with our readers.

Useful Sites

The following links are things that we think are far too important to be lost in a random post buried deep in the site. They are not sponsored or paid for or affiliated in any way, but could possibly be helpful. Check them out now for when you, or someone you know, needs them.

  • Medication Changes

    Medication Changes

    Understanding your medication and its side effects can help reduce stress or anxiety. This is a great site to check any new or changed prescriptions. 

  • You’re In Good Company

    You’re In Good Company

    Read the blogs of people who talk openly about mental health. The ‘A Canvas of the Mind’ project brings the best of mental health blogging together. 

  • Finding a Better Option

    Finding a Better Option

    Talk before you act. You know what we mean. This is a list of international suicide prevention hotlines. Help really is there when you need it most. 

  • Wellbeing Is Your Right

    Wellbeing Is Your Right

    The World Health Organisation goes beyond physical health. They are also committed to everyone's right to mental health and welbeing. 

Product Reviews

We often come across products and services that we think could be beneficial. While some are sponsored, all are personally reviewed before being included. Please contact us if you have any comments.

  • Our Reviews

    Our Reviews

    Our Review Philosophy From time to time we come across products or services or websites that we believe could be of interest to our …

“Mental Health is everywhere… and it impacts everyone”