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Better Mental Health Magazine is the only independent, international consumer magazine dealing exclusively with mental illness, mental health and mental wellness. It is written using non-technical, non-clinical, supportive and easy to read language that everyone can enjoy. Drawing from lived experience and professional expertise, it provides the perfect platform for anyone genuinely interested in personal mental wellness

Promote Your Product or Service

We encourage our international readers to improve their mental health through professional advice, physical wellbeing and mindfulness. If this is what your business offers, they may be looking for you.

Our readers are interested in goods and services that positively affect or enhance their mental or physical health.

Reach a Wider Audience

Mental health has no borders, so we cater to a global readership of all ages. The information we offer is relevant regardless of location. If you offer an international product or service, this is the perfect platform for your business.

Statistically, one in four people anywhere in the world, will experience a mental health issue during their life. That one person has family, friends and colleagues who want information on that issue. An even larger number of the global population can benefit from mental resilience, better physical health, better home and work environments and Better Mental Health.

Reach an Interested Audience

Anyone who reads Better Mental health Magazine is interested in some facet of mental health. Ranging form diagnosable illnesses and their management, to  emotional resilience, physical wellbeing and nutrition for a healthy mind.

Mental health and general health workers are also interested in keeping abreast of the needs of mental health consumers.

Advertising Options

We have several advertising options available for inclusion in our website, magazine and social media audience. We can discuss alternative approaches that fit well with your brand. Basic options include:

  • Traditional advertising space on the website and digital magazine
  • Listed in Recommended Sites
  • Branded content on the website and digital magazine
  • Sponsored posts or articles
  • Sponsored links
  • Social media callouts.


Like our magazine, our pricing model is a little unconventional. We want to get information about products and services out to people and focus on that rather than chasing advertising. We incur a cost for including advertising, and pass this on, with no charge for the ad space itself. You can read more about this in the media kit.

PR and Advertising

Better Mental Health Magazine is not a traditional publishing platform with a team of staff writers looking for content. We often have more content than we handle in a timely way — a mixed blessing. If you are a PR or advertising company or individual contacting us with the primary purpose of promotion, then we will consider it sponsored content and charge a fee for that, either for editing and layout when you provide the content or for content writing as well.

 Media Kit

Please contact us for our Media Kit, which contains more information, content and format guidelines, and pricing details.