We’ve received many wonderful submissions over the past few years and we’re so grateful for people wanting to share with our readers. We publish articles about almost anything that contributes positively to living better through better mental health. Of course, these are not always “positive” or happy articles, but ultimately positive.

With the move to a digital only magazine, we’ve simplified the contribution model, down to three basic contribution types. Please make sure you’ve read the these and understand where your contribution fits.

Please note that we only publish original content. We will not republish an article from any other publication, blog or other website.

Contribution Types


We’d love to share your story of mental health and wellbeing. The lived experience is your story directly or perhaps that of someone or something close to you. It is personal and we thank you so much for taking the time and effort to find us and want to share with our readers. That’s often very helpful for everyone, but we understand how personally difficult it can be. So thank you.

We often receive “personal” accounts of mental health recovery that are simply self-promotion of commercial activity (a book or workshop for example). While we’re happy to consider the personal aspect, if purpose is actually promotional, then sponsored content is probably for you.


We greatly value the information and articles provided by mental health, wellness, health, nutritional and any other relevant professional. Sometimes it is submitted because you’re passionate about a topic and want more people to know about more it. Please note that this is a consumer magazine and not a professional journal or resource and any professional contribution must be written as such.

Sometimes it is promotional. We’re more than happy to help promote your product or service when the content is informational with reference to your product or service or contact information. An entire “article” about your product or facility or service would be considered promotional and sponsored content is definitely for you.


We are more than happy to help promote a product or service that is relevant or beneficial to our readers. We do think it’s important to make people aware of just what is out there that could help. However, this is promotional with the intent of improving you or your organisation – whether a business or not for profit. In this case, we will pass on the editorial and layout costs. Essentially, when there is more potential value to your cause than to our readers as a whole, we will ask you support that financially as sponsored content.

PR and Advertising

Better Mental Health Magazine is not a traditional publishing platform with a team of staff writers looking for content. We often have more content than we handle in a timely way — a mixed blessing. If you are a PR or advertising company or individual contacting us with the primary purpose of promotion, then we will consider it sponsored content and charge a fee for that, either for editing and layout when you provide the content or for content writing as well.

Reviews and Endorsement

As with PR, Better Mental Health Magazine does not typically provide product reviews (including books, films or products). If, however, you would like your product reviewed, we may consider it, if we believe the review would be of interest to our readers. This is at the Editor’s discretion. The review will incur a fee for the review time and the same cost or preparation as sponsored content. As with sponsored content, when there is more potential value to your product or cause than to our readers as a whole, we will ask you support that financially as sponsored content.


We’re happy to include backlinks when appropriate. We will review your link to ensure it is consistent with the approach and editorial integrity of the BMH Magazine. For obviously personal blogs, we’re happy to help. For registered commercial organisations (including not-for-profits) or for-profit blogs (any form of advertising), we will charge an administrative or advertising fee.

Content Preparation

We review everything we receive and consider all contributions. If it is suitable and fits with the general helpful, informational and positive approach of the magazine we will definitely consider it. We then edit, proof-read, edit again, and layout the content in both web and digital magazine formats. We rarely make changes to the content (other than proof-reading/editorial) but may request you update any part that is not consistent with our publication.

What to Provide

In the first instance, you may just want to contact us to ensure what you want to submit is suitable. Or provide a submission and we’ll let you know.

For personal based articles, we usually ask for the content, photos (if possible) and a release from anyone in the photos, and usually a short “bio” or “about you” section.

For sponsored content we will need the material, then contact and product/service information, including images, URLs and other relevant details.

BEFORE Submitting

Please take a look through our articles and digital magazines to get a good feel for our usual content. Because we are not driven by advertisers or grants, we publish what we feel is valuable to our readers without constraint.

However, we have a high editorial standard and do not publish anything that could be considered negative or sensationalist or a rant. Better Mental Health is a positive approach to a better quality of life through better mental wellbeing.

If you’re ready to make contact, please use the contact form.

Thank you.