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Our Approach

Better Mental Health Magazine is privately funded by the Editor, who you can read about here. While we have a number of revenue options, the content is freely available on several platforms, making it as widely accessible as possible. The magazine and website is deliberately genuine content and not advertising focussed. Our readers can enjoy reading an entire post or article without being confronted with click-bait ad blocks or similar obtrusive interruptions.

Better Mental Health Magazine is almost entirely about making shared lived experience and professional information available. However, there are many associated costs, such as design and layout, web hosting, web development and maintenance, digital magazine hosting and promoting our content. We try to keep costs down, but it still runs up several thousand dollars a month. If you like the magazine and find if a valuable resource for yourself or someone you care about, your support would be appreciated.

Not a Not For Profit

Better Mental Health Magazine is not a registered organisation or not for profit. It is the private venture of someone who cares deeply about independent sharing of positive mental health information. We do not receive any government or organisational funding and, for a number of reasons, this would not be appropriate.

The magazine is not a not for profit or charity organisation, so any financial support is not tax deductible.

Supporting BMH Magazine

If you do see benefit in the magazine and would like to see it continue and be part of that, there are several ways you can support us. These include:


Thank you for you interest in supporting Better Mental Health Magazine and continuing the conversation about better mental health and wellbeing.